Employment Training

The employment training program is a three-month, intensive on-farm training program. Apprentices study and work on the farms at our Food By Design training sites. The participants participate in all aspects of Food By Design’s mission, including food access and distribution, sourcing, working with local chefs and retailers, and farm and nutrition education. Farm apprentices work 12-20 hour work weeks which includes 3 hours at farmer’s market stands on either Saturday or Sunday.

After the three-month program, we offer the second module and invite interested participants back to become interns in order to gain people management skills. After the second module is over, for a total of six months, there are three outcomes: 1. placing the intern in a food related industry 2. Invite them back to become crew leader training the new apprentices and 3. provide support for those who wish to start their own farming businesses through on the job training funds.
We strategically partner with agencies during the training program who provide housing and food and on-site peer support.

Food as Medicine Farmacy

The goal of the food as medicine farmacy project is to begin developing a local community Peer led health and farm center. Currently, we spend billions of dollars each year on chronic illnesses including people facing chronic mental health challenges. Our hospitals and health clinics are overburdened and the only option available at this time are pharmaceuticals that lesson the symptoms but does not address the root cause. The food as medicine farmacy lessons the burden on clinics and associated health care costs and addresses the root cause of illness while empowering community members to take charge of their lives.

The Heart of Health mobile curriculum

The heart of health mobile curriculum is our food as medicine component but we go to different agencies and nonprofits. We offer farm to table meals that focus on chronic mental and physical challenges and offer group lessons and information on foods that support the healing process. All of our food is locally sourced from our urban farm site and from other local farms when needed.