FBDS has developed a curriculum that takes the apprentice from seed to harvest, distribution, wrap around skills such as how to facilitate community meetings, develope and maintain strategic partnerships, and how to identify and reclaim land. All the skills needed to start their own business that goes beyond food but nurtures a community.

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Part of healing a broken food system is making sure everyone in the community is healthy and vibrant. Vibrant health comes with vibrant food. The Food as Medicine course is designed to educate those with an interest in holistic living, in oder to spread abundant health through knowledge. This program offers students a focused, 12 week program dedicated to all aspects of healing, through proper nutrition; addressing bloodsugar regulation, inflammation and gut health, KEY ISSUES facing our sustainability as a species..

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Our Heart of Health Curriculum is similar to our Food as Medicine Program but is mobile. Agencies and other nonprofits contract us out to run a wellness program that focuses on supplemental and preventative information and served with a farm to table lunch. Our curriculum can be from one week to 12 weeks, informing the participant through a growing body of evidence, that food can reverse chronic physical and mental health  challenges and address the side effects of medications that often times create chronic conditions. The curriculum addresses topics such as Digestion and gut health, nutrient absorption, inflammation, brain health,blood sugar regulation, metabolism and detoxification. 

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Your contribution helps build the infrastructure of communities to make choices that create health and abundance. Your donation also supports Food By Design participants so that they receive the support and services they need to blossom. Food By Design Systems is a 501-C-3 and all donations are tax deductible

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Farm to Table Dinner

Let Food by Design cook for you! 

Sample Menu: Wild caught Salmon Steamed Nettles Celery and Leek Soup Nettle Frittata Vegan Cheesecake topped with blueberries

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